Highest quality of raw materials:
Acontex GmbH purchases all animal raw materials exclusively from affiliated German slaughterhouses. In fact, most of the raw materials are obtained "in-line" and are directly further refined. Due to the fast and direct supply, freshness and highest quality of raw materials are guaranteed.


Innovative drying method:
Thanks to our innovative, unique drying plants, we are able to produce high-quality products. In addition, the drying technology enable us to dry or refine certain raw materials that are difficult to dry by means of conventional drying methods.


Guaranteed supply of raw materials:
Acontex GmbH is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tönnies group. We are thus treated with priority and have direct access to all valuable animal by-products and can ensure a stable supply of our company even in times of a general shortage of raw materials. As for raw plant materials, we cooperate only with strong, well-established partners. As a result, the supply of raw materials is 100% guaranteed at all times.


Excellent service:
The entire team of acontex GmbH is highly motivated. We are thus able to offer you exceptionally quick and easy pre- and after-sales service.


Short decision paths:
Just like the entire Tönnies group, acontex GmbH is tightly organised. Our company is characterised by short and uncomplicated decision-making paths. This corporate philosophy enables us to find flexible and efficient solutions together with our partners.